• AI-Solution


    We create AI to a practical level by making full use of sophisticated computer vision technologies such as 3-D measurement or object tracking by using cameras, in addition to by development of deep learning models.
    We provide you with a total solution ranging from consulting services to dada processing, model designing, creation of training data and learning.

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  • Annotation One

    Annotation One

    “Annotation One” is a cloud service to create high-quality data set by leveraging experiences and knowledge of AI system development.
    Our Annotation experts create various types of training data necessary for learning of AI models, including shooting of original data, image classification, bounding rectangle or area segmentation.

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  • Documentation One

    Documentation One

    “Documentation One” is a highly accurate transcription service dedicated to characters which has been created by utilizing our own AI-OCR engine and by visual check by our experts.
    We provide you with our comprehensive support to reduce a huge amount of time and manpower necessary for conversion of analog data such as paper-based text data or voice data into digital data, contributing to enhancement of operational efficiency or automation of business operations.

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  • Global Walkers Lab

    Global Walkers Lab

    “Global Walkers Lab” is a lab-type (laboratory-type) development where our dedicated team for a specific client is assigned for a certain period of time. We provide you with “AI Engineer Lab” for AI development and “AI Data Lab” for data creation.

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  • GW-Pose Developer’s Kit

    GW-Pose Developer Kit

    “GW-Pose Developer’s Kit” is a package for developers which utilizes 3-D posture (pose) estimation model called “GW-Pose” independently developed by us and Jetson Nano/Depth cameras.
    This kit enables you to utilize the highly accurate and real-time 3-D posture estimation.

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