We make a presentation about a development method of original real-time 3D model “GW-Pose” of human pose estimation at AI Startup Pavilion of NVIDIA GTC2020 held on 5th-9th October 2020.

We will make 5 minutes presentation about “how we develop 3D-model” “how we try to optimize on the Jetson made by NVIDIA”.

And we use this technique to “GW-Pose Developers Kit” that we started to sell from this October, any AI engineer and researchers will be able to use for AI development.

(Now “GW-Pose Developers Kit” is sold at only Japanese market. )


If you will register on NVIDIA GTC2020, you could watch our presentation by on-demand delivery.

( Please check on Session Schedule of GTC2020 homepage. Our session number is A21548.)

Introduction of “GW-Pose”:https://www.globalwalkers.co.jp/en/3d-pose-estimation/