In many cases, AI development projects fall through at the PoC (Proof of Concept) stage due to insufficient learning or unsuccessful modeling.
Global Walkers offers a lab-type AI development service called "Global Walkers Lab" (hereinafter called “GW-Lab”) in order to flexibly address such problems.
The lab-type development utilizing our excellent AI developers makes it possible to build an easier and more flexible AI development system.


About lab-type development

A lab-type agreement or lab-type development is a type of agreement for offshore development where specific workers are secured and they are in charge of their own project for a certain period of time.
Unlike a conventional contracted development, it can improve efficiency through accumulation of know-how or flexibly respond to changes to the specifications or details of work since the assigned workers are exclusively dedicated to your company.

About lab-type development

Feature of GW-Lab

Know-how as a development company

Know-how as a development company

With GW-Lab, we can create high-quality learning models/training data by leveraging the know-how of Global Walkers, Inc. which is a Japanese corporation.
Our Japanese staff members perform bridge or consulting services, as needed.

All processes about AI can be carried out.

All processes about AI can be carried out.

GLOBAL WALKERS (MYANMAR) has a lot of excellent local engineers and operators, so we can conduct all processes needed for AI development ranging from selection of AI models to development and creation of training data for learning within the scope of GW-Lab.
Furthermore, forming a dedicated team for a project on site realizes more efficient and higher-level operations.


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We are worried about whether the work offshore meets quality standards.

We can provide you with high-quality deliverables at the same quality level as those by the work performed in Japan since our staff members in Japan proceed you’re your project by communicating closely with our local members.

Which service agreement should we make a request for, an agreement for contracted work or a lab-type agreement?

Generally, we recommend a lab-type agreement for a long-term project where the delivery date or timing of data submission is unclear or for a project where a huge amount of data is handled.
With respect to a project in the verification stage of the specifications, we recommend a lab type agreement which can flexibly respond to any changes.

We have no knowledge about AI development. Can we make a request for it to you?

Yes, we can accept your request.
We can provide services for AI development starting from consulting services performed by our AI engineers.
After hearing your requests or environment, etc., we will make a proposal to you on necessary processes and development plans, etc. based on them.

We have no experience of offshore development. Are we required to establish any special systems/ organizations or to prepare any special materials?

You can place an order with us in the same way as you make a request to us in Japan. No special materials or systems/organizations are necessary.
Our Japanese staff members and local staff members will translate materials or perform local management, as needed.