Challenge to creation of new technologies and services

Global Walkers, Inc. is an AI-tech venture company founded in June 2016.
Our highly professional members are driving our business forward, making full use of cutting-edge technologies and creating products/services which can provide new experience values on a daily basis.
Since its foundation, Global Walkers has been consistently sticking with a position to maintain open corporate culture and to create the company by all members’ ideas.
In addition, we have established an overseas base (in Myanmar) and have started expanding our business globally and steadily as indicated by our corporate name “ Global Walkers”.

  • I can think and act on my own.
  • I wish to gain successful experiences under my responsibility.
  • I wish to try my strength in the field of AI.
  • I wish to be active and succeed in the global society in the future.

Why don't you join Global Walkers and work together to boost and develop our company?

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