In this project, we have developed on a contract basis an “AI Object Detection System” to detect objects from camera images which is one of the main functions of this security robot by providing our “AI Solution” to support on a one-stop basis the operations ranging from creation of training data to development of AI models and actual system operations.

This autonomous mobile security robot can perform long-time patrolling security services that have been difficult for security guards to perform, which is expected to reduce the workload of the security guards and personnel costs. In addition, this robot is equipped with “NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier” that is a small AI computer with high-performance arithmetic capacity and can very accurately and immediately detect a white cane or knife even in a crowded place where a lot of office workers or public facility users come and go.

For the system operations in the future, we will verify the functions of this security robot under CSP’s initiative and provide support from time to time to accuracy enhancement by additional learning in our “Annotation One” service to create and operate high-quality training data.