Privacy Policy

  • Global Walkers, Inc. (hereinafter called "Company") is engaged in AI development business.
    In order to properly handle any and all personal information used for Company's business, Company has established the Personal Information Protection Policy (hereinafter called the “Privacy Policy”) as a code of conduct to be observed by all of its employees. Company makes its best efforts to ensure that its employees strictly comply with the Privacy Policy.
  • 1. Company complies with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and any other standards established by the Japanese government in relation to handling of personal information. Therefore, Company establishes and properly operates a personal information protection management system in compliance with the "Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements" (JIS Q 15001) under the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).
  • 2. Company appropriately acquires, uses and provides personal information, considering the content and scale of business, on the conditions that Company does not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purposes of its use and takes measures to observe it.
  • 3. If Company entrusts a third party to handle all or any part of personal information, Company exercises necessary and appropriate supervision over such third party in order to ensure that such personal information is securely managed.
  • 4. Company does not provide personal information of any person to third parties without prior consent of such person or unless such provision is required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations.
  • 5. Company takes appropriate measures to prevent or correct any leakage, loss or damage of personal information.
  • 6. Company strives to appropriately and promptly respond to complaints, inquiries or consultation about its handling of personal information. Company accepts requests for disclosure of personal information to be disclosed in its possession (requests for notification of purposes of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of, or suspension of use/provision of personal information).
    For procedures to make a request for disclosure of personal information, please contact our "Personal Information Complaints and Consultation Desk" set forth below.
  • 7. Company continuously improves its personal information protection management system.

For any questions or inquiries about the details of the Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact the following "Personal Information Complaints and Consultation Desk".

Personal Information Complaints and Consultation Desk

Tatsuhiro Omori
Corporate Management Dept.
Global Walkers, Inc.


Estblished January 31, 2020
CEO Kazumasa Morikawa